PJ shorts and a new sewing machine

Well, it’s been a while between posts (anywhere on the internet, actually). Welcome back!

Almost two years ago, I moved to Berlin. When I bought a sewing machine, I thought I’d only be here for a few months, so it didn’t matter if it was a 40€ second-hand sewing machine. But OH it matters. Two years later, it matters.

Sewing has become less an enjoyable hobby and more a chore. I started only doing repairs by hand, or simple things like lavender bags, an iPhone cover, or a toiletries bag as presents for my partner (let’s call him Mr W).

Recently, one of my pairs of pj shorts got a rip right down the back. To be fair, I don’t remember when I got them, but it was probably about 10 years ago and they’ve worn very thin. I thought to myself “oh yes, I’ll fix them, but for now I’ll just use my other ones”. But then the other ones had to go in the wash, and I needed to wear the ripped ones. “oh well I’ll just wear them tonight, then I’ll fix them tomorrow because it’s the weekend.” Woke up the next morning and the rip was even bigger. So I took to my sewing machine and zigzagged that rip right up. But then I thought, “that looks stupid”, so took some fabric from my stash, and started a new pair of shorts.

shortsAfter a couple of wrong turns (eg sewing the legs the wrong way out – wrong sides together, Sarah you are out of practice!) and I finished it. But it was not a pleasant activity. Sewing used to be fun, but now it is not.

So, I’ve pulled myself together, exchanged many many emails with Mum, received an early Christmas present donation from my parents, and will buy a new sewing machine on Saturday. I’m so excited – I even dreamed about it last night. This will be the first time I’ve had my very own, new sewing machine! I used my Mum’s when I was first learning, then when she got a fancy new one I got hers to use just myself. (I did buy a new one off Amazon when I was on exchange, but it was terrible (though not as bad as this one) and was only 70€ or something).

SATURDAY. I hope that this will make me start sewing a whole lot more again, and maybe even start writing here more. Let’s see!


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