My friend Elizabeth and I really failed at Me-Made-May, so decided a little while ago to have a go at doing it in July instead, when we’d both had more time to prepare.

It’s now July 13th, and although I feel like I’m actually doing pretty well, I don’t have anything much to show for it as some of the projects are SECRET (for a couple more weeks – birthday present), and most of them are just incomplete.

I did finish the onesies for both Justin and myself though, and even in time for the party!

finished onesies

However, today’s rainy afternoon saw me browsing Pinterest, and I came across these cute little pocket handwarmers, which I thought would be a great thing to make for a cold Berlin winter. So I had a go:


Sharp readers will notice that this is leftover fabric from the pj pants I made a couple of months ago. Excellent project to use up scraps! (You’d only want to use cotton, though.)

On Mum’s suggestion I made a little cover for the pouch with the rice in it, in case I want to wash it etc. While talking to Mum we also realised that I probably wouldn’t be able to take wheat/rice/etc into Germany (/the rest of Europe), so my plan is to make them all up – pouches and covers – and then to buy some wheat/rice when I get to Berlin and finish them off.

But for now, one of my hands will be kept toasty warm for a number of minutes! Hooray! Just what I need for a cold, outside party tonight!


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