An awful lot of sewing

So, after a while not really doing any sewing at all and being highly unmotivated to do anything, you’ll be pleased to know that I have got off my backside (figuratively speaking; I clearly sit down to sew) and have done some sewing in the last few days!

But first, I want to show you a pincushion I made for a friend’s birthday in April.


Here I was trying to decide whether to have the small button or the big. I ended up going with the small one, but foolishly didn’t take a photo of the finished thing. Bonus points if you recognise the small button from this post! I still have a few left. The ‘cup’ part of it is actually a silicone patty pan that I found (6 for $2!).


Then I cut a circle of fabric (in hindsight I think there’s too much blue, but it was kind of last minute and I couldn’t find anything that was better!), did a running stitch around the outside, gathered it a bit, stuffed the patty pan and the fabric with stuffing I randomly had in a box, gathered it a bit more, and craft glued the fabric in there.

I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t stick super well, so I think next time I might line the patty pan with paper (or an actual patty pan!) that is stuck to the silicone, and then stick the fabric to the paper… or I might not. Also I think it needed to be a bit harder than it was, but I couldn’t get much more stuffing in there without making the cake part balloon. It probably just needs some more experimentation, but my friend seemed happy with her new pincushion!

And now to the actual sewing!

My boyfriend and I are going to a onesie party in June or July, so I am making us both onesies to wear. This was my progress on mine as of May 27th, but since then I have sewn the sleeves on, as well as pinned down the sides (though I will have to alter the shape of it a bit, and that’s when lazy Sarah comes out).


Then, I decided that I needed a new pair of pj pants (I did), so I sewed most of my pair in a night (before I was interrupted by going out for a milkshake at about 11pm with an out-of-state friend who was in town for the weekend), and finished them off the next day.


Finally, I bought this super cute fabric on special ($7.50 for 1.5m!). It’s kind of cord, is green and white checks with black and red apples on it. I didn’t really know what I was going to make with it when I bought it, but I got some thread and a zip, and found a pattern of Mum’s that only needed 1.5m.

It was the first time I’d done pleats, and I didn’t really do as many tailor tacks (nor follow them as keenly) as I should have, so they ended up sitting really strangely on me, and made the pocket (which was from a different fabric) gape open. So, I painstakingly unpicked them, unsure whether it would even look any good at all, and this is the result:


I’m pretty happy with the skirt, actually. It’s very autumny and homey. The next day, I wore it with a white t-shirt, and a rusty red/light brown jumper, with wooden earrings. Unfortunately there are no photos (I really should think ahead!).

So with that, I feel like I’m back on track in terms of Me-Made-May 13 (though it kind of feels like I’m cheating a bit, as technically I wear something I made every night – both my pairs of pj pants now were made by me!), but I am also doing a lot of actual sewing, so that makes me feel good. Let’s see how the latter half of the month goes!


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