Yellow is my favourite colour

To get me started and so that there is some content on here, I thought I would post a photo of a dress I made a couple of months ago.

I used McCall’s 6503, view A (the top left one).

mccalls M6503

There are no photos from the making of the dress, as I had not thought then about writing about my experiences and sharing them with the internet, but It was quite a frustrating dress to make, because something kept going wrong. But I got it done in the end, just in time for a photo shoot with my boyfriend Justin, by a friend, Alicia Strous. She was looking to practise shooting couples, so we volunteered.

Here are a couple of my favourite shots from the day, that show off my dress nicely.



Justin took this next one:


I had sewn up the front so that it didn’t gape open, but have recently had to unpick it and change it slightly… not a big deal, but I hate changing things on clothes I’ve made once I’ve decided that they’re finished. Oh well, hopefully it will sit better now!

I really love the fabric of this dress – it’s so pretty and summery. And yellow is indeed my favourite colour.


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